An Introduction.


Well Hello!

I thought I’d write a little introduction to kick things off with my new blog – Tales of The Puffin K. Yes I know this is a bit of an odd name! The idea of this blog is that it’s going to be a parenting / lifestyle blog that covers basically the other side of my life to Thou Shalt Not Covet – my beauty and fashion blog. I toyed with the idea of including these posts on my TSNC blog but I decided to separate them as the different styles will appeal to different readers.

You’re probably wondering what does Tales of The Puffin K actually mean? Well my lovely boy Fred has been affectionately nicknamed The Puffin since he was very small, and it just kinda stuck since he was a baby! I imagine he won’t be very impressed with it when he’s fifteen!


Every year we grow veg in my parents garden (as ours is so small) and my favourite of everything has to be the giant pumpkins! Ollie’s grown some really massive ones in the past, this year they’re not quite so big but still pretty impressive!


Fred loves going to see the pumpkins and giving the biggest one a cuddle, bless him!



I thought I’d keep my first post short and sweet, soon I’ll be showing off our pumpkin carving skills and telling you about our other adventures!

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Michelle xxx