Carving The Pumpkin.


Last night we decided to carve the pumpkins ready for Halloween! If you saw my last (first) post you’ll have seen we grew a couple of pumpkins in my parents garden, there was a  massive pumpkin as a smaller one. The massive pumpkin really was too big to put in our house so we’re going to give it to Fred’s nursery so all the kids can get stuck in hollowing it out!

We kept the smaller pumpkin and Fred’s Granddad came over to help carve it 🙂


Freddy had a great time with Granddad scooping out the insides of the pumpkin and getting messy!



And this is what they came up with! Fred was so pleased!


…but then this morning he woke up and wouldn’t go downstairs because of the ‘scary pumpkin’. He got halfway down the stairs and could see the pumpkin on the kitchen table and started crying bless him! We had to turn the pumpkin around and put a towel over it!

Hopefully he’ll get used it to before Friday when we go trick or treating! xxx


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